Windows Vista pre-RC1


What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a quandary. To the right, a MacBook that’s not doing very much at the moment (odd but true — and no, you can’t have it). On the left, a DVD of Microsoft’s Windows Vista pre-RC1 release, since inexplicably it seems that 100,000 people haven’t downloaded it from this page. But I did, just now, and burned that disc. In the background, on my Power Mac, Apple’s BootCamp beta1.1; for the unfamiliar, this allows one to put the thing on the left into the thing on the right, and for something moderately sensible to happen.

The quandary is this: now I’m in a position to do this, can I actually be arsed? It’s not like I really have the free time, but… gee, you know. It’s like the future, and everything.

What do you think? Should I? Really?

2 thoughts on “Windows Vista pre-RC1”

  1. Oh go on, you know you want to (and as someone on the verge of buying a macbook pro, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else play guinea pig first).

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