Hostee notes

As you may have noticed, Quernstone was down for a good while over the weekend. Worse, several (but oddly, not all) of my hostees over on were and are out for the count. I’m in discussion with the delightful folks at Dreamhost support, and I should be able to sort you out in the morning. At the moment we know how to fix the problem, they’re just not sure how it happened in the first place and hence we’re not quite sure what approach is for the best.

In the medium term, I’ll probably tear down some of the older installs (which seem to be the ones affected) and rebuild them in a slightly different way. For now, thanks for bearing with me – I’ll get you back up and running as soon as I can.

And hey, it’s not like anyone was reading your random blatherings anyway. Pfff!

2 thoughts on “Hostee notes”

  1. Bloody hell. I never noticed, but then I’m not using any of your fancy stuff.
    So it wasn’t all the photos I whacked up there last night, then?

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