Just some more stuff from other sites:

  • Cabel (of Panic) offers a videogamer’s perspective on the Nike+iPod ecosystem. Lateral, funny, and bizarrely inspiring. If only they did a Nike+ cycle computer… except that listening to music while cycling is downright dangerous, I guess.
  • My web host, Dreamhost, have a blog. In keeping with most of the rest of their communications, it’s a little… well, let’s just say that you could guess they were in California, even if you didn’t know already. Josh has an amusing post up about how his wife got caught by an email phishing scam, that’s worth reading as a lesson to be wary.
  • via Gavin Bell – an explanation of car stability control systems. Both my current and previous cars have had some sort of stability augmentation. On the (front-wheel drive) MINI it was unobtrusive and subtle, allowing a goodly amount of understeer to develop before gently capping the perceived yaw rate. I left it on. On my (rear-wheel drive, mid-engined) Smart roadster, it’s… well, there’s something odd. It certainly kicks in if the tail gets a little frisky, but by then I’ve usually corrected it myself, and while I’ve never got into an oscillation it has felt pretty weird at times. The thing is, I’m not sure if that’s the stability control, or just how the car is – a short wheelbase, mid-engineed, lightweight car with a wallop of turbo lag is always going to be a bit highly-strung. Is the stability software helping tame it, or making the ‘snap’ less predictable? I really need to take it onto a circuit to find out. One of these days…
  • Alan: Airfix parent Humbrol goes into receivership. Nooooo! Though I’m equally astonished that it’s Humbrol who own the trademark ‘Plasticene.’
  • Six Apart, publishers of blog software Movable Type and TypePad, amongst others, are about four blocks down the road from Technorati, publishers of the whole world, mwuah-hah-hah-haaaaaa! This video illustrates their cunning optimised message-passing ‘puppynet’ service.

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  1. Heller, Humbrol and Airfix: 3 major modeling companies gone in one stroke? Hopefully Heller’s administrator gets his act together.
    Should they really go bust, at least the moulds will probably turn up somewhere else. They’re too valuable to be sold as scrap.

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