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This doesn’t quite apply to all Deletetheweb hostees, but it does apply to most, and also to a few others of you. Apologies for being vague, but it’s going to take me too long to work out who’s affected, compared to just fixing stuff. It doesn’t affect people on WordPress, nor people who think they know me but aren’t, in fact, hosted on my account at Dreamhost. You know who you aren’t.

Dreamhost have disabled Trackback for our Movable Type blogs – we were being targeted by spammers with sufficient alacrity to give the server hissy fits. Bastards. Uhhh… that’s the spammers who were bastards, not Dreamhost support, who with one exception are being lovely about it.

The exception is that one installation has had mt-comments.cgi disabled also. At the moment, Dreamhost aren’t telling me the path of the file they nuked, so I’m not sure who’s lacking comments. I think it’s Alan, but I’m not quite sure.

Whatever – expect a round of emergency updates later today. There may be some downtime, and it’s just possible that I might nuke your entire install by accident. I’ll try to take backups of everything first, but you know what I’m like.

This begs the question of what I do with inactive hostees – eg. Jim and Simon. I can’t leave you as you are, but unless I can sort updating more easily I can’t justify the time it could take. I’ll check the current Movable Type license terms: I may roll a bunch of blogs together under one installation. But that may be more hassle than it’s worth too… hmm…

Any comments or opinions, etc, please send as soon as. Thanks awfully.

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