Oh, happy day

Can it be true? A bona-fide Apple Store in Glasgow next year? And a stonking huge one, at that? Be still, my beating wallet. Clearly, the only thing that’s stopped me buying more Apple gear has been… er… ScotSys.

Actually, that sentence started out as a joke but somehow turned into serious comment by the end. Huh.

Meanwhile, Google just bought JotSpot. Which is either the beginning of the end, the dawn of a new beginning, the date we’ll subsequently proclaim as the birth of ‘Web 3.0,’ or completely irrelevant. I’m hoping for one of the middle ones there.

1 thought on “Oh, happy day”

  1. I’m jealous – I was hoping for an Apple Store in Edinburgh, although my envy is mitigated by the pending arrive of my shiny new 17″ Macbook Pro…

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