5 thoughts on “How many tyrannosaurs in a gallon of gasoline?”

  1. Er… I friend of mine has been doing some lovely back-of-the-envelope calculations (eg: total distance travelled by the particles in 1 cubic centimetre of air in one second?), and they feel like different sorts of work to most of the things out there. I’m trying to encourage him to do more of them, to what end I’m not yet sure. This is just something I stumbled across today, and made me think of him.
    All perfectly reasonable.

  2. Ahh, perfectly reasonable. As long as these back-of-envelope calculations are over pint’s of Riding, and hickory smoked peanuts! Or lashing of Guinness 😉
    I wish we had those sort of problems, rather than a 2 hour worthless discussion on how to fill in expenses 🙁

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