Off-camera demos

It occurred to me, the other day, that this time last year I was sleeping under my desk at the Royal Institution, frantically trying to keep abreast of rewrites of the Christmas Lectures scripts. I still haven’t really told that story here – perhaps over Christmas – but suffice it to say that while I’d love to work on the lectures again someday, I’m currently rather relieved not to be part of the circus.

But anyway, I dropped an email to a couple of people, wishing them well, and this afternoon received a response from the exec:

Two down – three to go – and so far everything is going alarmingly well…

apart from vision mixer desk blowing up yesterday!

Yikes. And to think, they normally worry about the stuff Andy’s doing on the lecture bench. Plus: bet they’re glad they’re not live, this year.

Coming to Five, on Christmas Day, I believe.

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