Production blanket

Scope is, I believe, a ground-breaking series in several ways. Perhaps chief amongst its many innovations is… the production blanket. It’s electric, underlay, and of the all-night variety – highly sophisticated.

It all started when the pellet boiler in the house in which I’m staying ran out of, well, pellets. After a couple of days, the house bottomed out about four degrees above ambient, which in a Dublin December turns out to be – very precisely, mind – ‘ruddy cold.’ Miraculously, the blanket appeared in the production office, a talisman against the frosty onslaught.

I, however, being a doughty sort – not to mention, you know, living in Glasgow and everything – left it to slumber peacefully within its box. It remained in the office as a last resort, an emergency… well, blanket.

Over the weekend, sadly, poor Niamh the PA discovered that she too had an inadequate heating system within her domicile. Bravely, the blanket sallied forth, intent on warming her toes. I shall report back on its efficacy.

The production blanket. I think we should write a line into the budget for it.

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