Charlie Brooker

Rather amusing rant from Brooker appropriately titled ‘I hate Macs,’ at the Guardian. Followed by hundreds of screenfuls of mostly kneejerk protests, in all directions. [sigh]. Come on people, it’s humour!

For what it’s worth, though, I think The Doctor uses Linux, on (most likely) some old bastard of a HP PA-RISC workstation with a boatload of emacs macros. With a custom controller made mostly of string and gaffer tape.

(Oh, and: the new UK PC/Mac ads: isn’t there some UK law against ‘knocking copy’ – that is, advertising negatives about competitors rather than positives about your own product. Isn’t it really dodgy? What gives?)

1 thought on “Charlie Brooker”

  1. The Doctor used to use a BBC Micro, though that was before he got a bigger effects budget…
    The underlying point is bogus though – most hackers I know use Macs because they are a great platform for open source tools, reasonably secure, and have good qualiy hardware overall. Thats hackers who get stuff done, as opposed to people who fiddle about with stuff for the sake of it, who are drawn to Windows’ endless nested irrational mysteries. I bet they like the Da Vinci Code too.

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