Context shifts

Supposedly, I’m down to three days a week, from around now. It’s not going to happen in practice, of course, but I do need to start nicking bits of time from the TV project to write a couple of conference sessions for later in the year, and to get back into the schools/web video project that starts up again in April.

The trouble is, I have – and always have had – a serious problem coping with shifting contexts. My brain feels like it turns to mush, and I end up being entirely incapable of focussing on either the project I’m switching out of, or the one I’m attempting to switch into.

My suspicion has always been that this is to do with the complexity of the projects, but I may be flattering myself there. Certainly, the conference things really aren’t that hard. Well, OK, one of them is an overview of copyright law, but most of the content is stuff I sorted out for SciCast last year, so its not…


What was I talking about?

See, I can’t even construct a coherent blog post. Bleurgh.

1 thought on “Context shifts”

  1. I’m sure you’ve already been told it’s because of the limitations of a blokes brain, in that we’re only capable of doing one thing at a time.
    I much prefer you’re thought, everything we blokes do is faaaar too complex, hence harder to comprehend 😉

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