Feeling slightly more human again

I’m wrecked. Scope has been hectic, trying to get the last bits done, and while I’m officially down to three days a week as it ‘tails off’ (ahem), I’m also starting to do some work for SciCast. Which, it turns out, is going to formally launch at the end of April. Which means there’s a mountain of stuff to do for that. Most of which is on poor Katie’s plate, but getting what passes for the website spec written is evidently my bag (quite how I ended up designing user interaction for a website I’m not sure, and it’s a bit worrying).

I was in London the other week, ostensibly doing SciCast stuff but in fact spending half the time sorting out Scope nightmares and seeing a preview of Sunshine, around which we’re basing a show (and on which more anon – short version: I think it’s considerably flawed, parts of it made me roll my eyes, but it’s so beautiful to look at I really didn’t mind, and in fact rather enjoyed it). Oh, and it was my birthday last week, by happy coincidence on a day when Flossie was over in Dublin. Hurrah.

I arrived back in Glasgow on Friday night to find a relatively monstrous tax bill (ulp), and… well, that’s about all I remember of the weekend, to be honest. I seem to have slept since then, pretty much. Sunday evening and I’m now mostly back in gear, with merely two days’-worth of ‘stuff’ to do before I return to Dublin… tomorrow night.

Back home Friday, Dublin for a couple of days the following week; London the week after (probably a day trip); Cardiff via Leeds after that; thence to Goole, Malton, Hull and Rotherham for the first batch of SciCast workshops.

…and my PowerBook’s buggered. Great.

(If you’re wondering why I’m not blogging much, it’s because none of this is really very interesting. Well, I mean – it isn’t, is it? Really.)

5 thoughts on “Feeling slightly more human again”

  1. To answer your question, in absolute terms, no. But everything is relative and if your existence involves large quantities of red tape and paper, then yes. Mind you I did do a day’s course last week on explosives appreciation. The demos were rather good!

  2. “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” (Gandhi)
    I think this encapsulates Daniel’s thoughts apart from the explosives. Gandhi had good cause to be wary of explosives.

  3. Things happen, and you make them mean something, what is important is they mean something beautiful to you, as they mean nothing to everyone else. The fun part is getting everyone else to understand what ‘it’ means so you can both share the experience!
    Hull – when?

  4. 26th, I think. Staying the night of the 25th at the Ibis on Ferensway (there’s an Ibis on Ferensway? Blimey); heading off to Rotherham for Thursday night.
    All a bit touch-and-go still, however.

  5. Bugger, I’ve meetings both days I can’t get out of. If it drifts toward the end of the week, or following week tho…
    Yes, the IBIS is the one down the Castle Street end I ‘think’, and pretty sure it’s not a typical Ibis, like the monstrosity in Stevenage 🙁

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