Flossie and the parents

Today, for the first time, the delightful Flossie met my parents. Tonight she’s taking my mother to a telling of Gilgamesh at the Playhouse in Leeds, and she’s staying with them until tomorrow.

Those of you who are paying attention may have worked out that I’m in Glasgow. This circumstance is… unsettling. Perhaps even nerve-wracking. It could all go so, so badly wrong.

Ah well, too late to worry now.

[update: Dad has sneaked online via his bedroom PowerBook to email the following:

Mum really enjoyed Gilgamesh & the company.

When they came back I serenaded [Flossie] with a CD of music on the Oud.

Mum’s tea seemed to go down well (Chicken Chasseur)

So far so good !

…which is more forthcoming that what I got out of Flossie herself. Tsk.]

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