Official Announcement: TransLoading

Quernstone Technologies Ltd. today announce the forthcoming availability of their latest breakthrough software: TransLoading. “Uploads in disguise,” as the technique has been dubbed, breaks the asymmetric barrier to deliver a significant improvement in ADSL upload speeds.

“The technique is, at its root, absolutely facile,” said Quernstone Technologies’ Chief Grinder and Interim Graphic Design Lead Jonathan Sanderson. “Recent breakthroughs in ADSL provision have led to download speeds in excess of 8Mbit/sec, yet upload rates have long been pegged at a tiny fraction of that. TransLoading revolutionises the broadband industry by offering a middle ground between download and upload.”

The patent-pending TransLoading technique is believed to involve a simple web application acting as a proxy to a custom upload script. When invoked, the web app begins streaming random data to the client, with the client comparing the downloaded bytes with the intended upload, and signaling when a match is found.

“Since download speeds are typically more than eight times greater than upload rates,” explained Sanderson, “it’s trivial to deliver 8bits of download data and use merely one bit of upload to signal a successful or unsuccessful match. With current ADSL technology offering up to 32 times more download bandwidth than upload, TransLoading: Uploads in Disguise can offer upload speed gains of more than 400%. By… um… downloading instead.”

The radical ‘download everything your upload could be, then tell the server which one you meant’ approach of TransLoading will initially be offered as a proof-of-concept implemented as a TextMate bundle.

“We pretty much live in TextMate,” Sanderson said, “implementing TransLoading in anything else just didn’t make any sense.”

Full commercial licenses and industrial partners for the TransLoading initiative will be announced on a subsequent date.

“We see this as a breakthrough product,” said Sanderson, “And we’re going to have a shitload of videos to upload this year, for which ADSL… uh… really blows. So we’re praying this works. If not, we’re going back to posting DVDs to mates who have proper bandwidth.”

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  1. OK, Jonathan, so let me know when you’re posting the DVDs.. I need to sort the load-balancing of my dual redundant independent network connections..

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