For reference: I’ve been buying blank miniDV tapes from APR Media in Somerset. Nice people on the phone, their know their stock well, and I can’t argue with their prices – £1.53/tape for standard Sony miniDV, including VAT, and with reasonable delivery costs.

Today marks the third occasion on which I’ve remembered to call them only at about half past three in the afternoon. They’ve always said ‘the tapes will be with you tomorrow,’ and they’ve not been wrong yet. Yeah, I know, I’ve jinxed it now.

Recommended, anyway. They do everything from DigiBeta stock through blank DVDs, to hard drives and odd bits of digital camera gear.

[Update 20/06: predictably, within minutes of placing my order (which did indeed arrive promptly, hurrah), John emailed to tell me of a place in Bradford that’s selling JVC miniDV stock for 99p/roll +VAT. If you can stomach the minimum order of 50 rolls: yow, that’s cheap.]

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