Airshow fans in space?

The second series of Hyperdrive started this week, and I still don’t know what to make of it. I almost gave up the first time around, but the occasional gag had me chuckling into my cocoa. This second series opener was more of the same – some cute observations, but overall somewhat ‘meh.’ Except…

Hyperdrive_XH558Except the space ship in the series bears the registration ‘XH558,’ which is either cruising at a ludicrous improbability factor, or a clear reference to the last remaining not-quite-airworthy-but-it-will-be-any-day-now Avro Vulcan: see here, pictures here.

My concern: is it geekier of the production team for including these references, or of me for spotting them?

Don’t answer that. You can’t, because comments are still down, but even so — don’t. Humph.

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