N95 rubbishness #346

One of the things that rather amuses me about the Nokia N95 is that the more I use it, the more I stumble across features that are spectacularly brain-dead.

This morning’s example: I wanted to know if the thing will play H264 video, since it’d be quite handy to carry SciCast films around with me. Now, I could go and look up the information, but it’s easier to fire up Bluetooth File Exchange and wave an example film over to the thing. 5Mb or so at 85Kb/sec – it’s quick enough.

The trouble is, the N95 puts the received movie not in its filesystem, but in the Inbox. From where I can do… absolutely nothing with it, except move it from one Messaging folder to another. It doesn’t appear in the filesystem browser, and I can’t open it from the Messaging app. Does this mean it doesn’t work? I don’t know.

Obviously, anything arriving via Bluetooth must be a message, right? Even if it’s a 5Mb video file. Rrrrright.

Stupid stupid stupid. As I’ve said before, I’d be at least entertained if it was a good phone. But it isn’t. The phone UI is clunky and crashy; it’s so keen to offer me the option to video call somebody that it enforces an extra click I just don’t want, every time; the SMS application has real problems with screen redraw, which slow it down tragically; etc etc.

It’s plain laughable. And not in a good way.

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