YouTube down

It’s strangely reassuring to discover that even YouTube has outages. As I type, it’s been failing to respond to my hails for over an hour. Which makes a change from my own blog not talking to me.

Meanwhile, I’m gently breaking in Martin’s old Power Mac G4-450DP, which he’s donating to my Dad. There’s been a certain amount of RAM shuffling to make both this box and my almost-as-old-but-still-used-daily G4-933 roughly equally happy, and to work around some DIMMs that appear to have gone bad. At the moment, though, things are looking good.

That said, there’s still a stray hard drive inside the thing. Quite how we missed it I’ve no idea, but it’s showing on the desktop and is of sufficient vintage that it’s damned loud. Screwdriver poised and ready for the next time I have to restart for updates…

Meanwhile, as a reward for having read this far through a useless and frankly rather dull post, here’s the European Commission’s UK Press Room’s list of bogus EU stories from the UK press, with their rebuttals. Surprisingly entertaining, including the truth about bananas.

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