Heroes ‘Volume 2’

Vexing me for some time: working out what to say about series 2 of Heroes without ruining it for those of you who won’t see if for months. While I’ve been meandering my way around to the position of ‘honestly not caring,’ I find that Mark Pursey has found the right words:

The writers of second season of Heroes are so incompetent that they have managed to make me retrospectively hate the first season, which I had originally quite enjoyed.

I still think the detail script editing has been brilliant, but really – did nobody look at the end-point of volume 2 and notice how close they’d come to resetting the whole continuity? Didn’t they care? Worse: did they think they were being clever?

Years ago, I had a concept of a constriction through which one forced ‘stuff’ – matter, geometry, organisational planning, screenplays, etc. Doing so required effort, but at the conclusion of the process all the ‘stuff’ was right back where it started. I dubbed this constriction a ‘Klein Bottleneck.’

Current evidence points to the Heroes storyline as being in a tight orbit through one. Ugh.

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