Media Offline


For years, I’ve idly wanted to name a production company ‘Media Offline.’ It’s a joke, see – when you’re editing on an Avid, and the blasted thing can’t find your clips, it flashes up a dour grey screen with block capitals reading ‘MEDIA OFFLINE.’ This can happen at any stage of the edit process, and it’s one of the reasons one watches through the final layback to the edit master. You want to know that the tape you send the broadcaster has your show on it, and not 30 minutes of ‘MEDIA OFFLINE’ card.

So I desperately wanted to use a facsimile of that Avid card as the production company’s credit caption at the end of a show. Anyone from the industry catching it out of a corner of their eye would immediately panic, wondering if it was their show which had screwed up. Fun times.

Sadly, it seems this dream will never be realised. Partly because any production company I might form is more likely to be doing web video than TV, and ‘media offline’ is a lousy name for an online media agency. But also because the domain is registered… by somebody apparently pulling the same gag.


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