Hague on Blair and Brown

One of the tragedies of the last decade of British politics is that successive conservative leaders, once deprived of that burden of office, have turned out to appear to be Rather Decent Chaps After All. None more so, perhaps, than William Hague. He was always a decent speaker, but now he doesn’t have to pick and choose every word for fear of a minor mis-step being wielded by those looking to stab him in the back, and he’s terrific.

Witness his description of the prospect President Blair of the EU; helpfully recorded and set to illustrations in this YouTube video:


Of course, the other tragedy of British politics is that too many of us still can’t picture ourselves voting for these guys. Which rather undermines the concept of a multi-party system, I tend to think. But at least Hague can deliver a decent gag, which is almost as important.

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