Here’s to the crazy ones

Gia (also recently added to the IMDB – what the hell is going on over there?) posts a magnificent rant about vision, and passion, and ambition, and… having big ideas.

We hear a lot about ‘the vision thing’. Unfortunately, we don’t see very much of it in practice. It gets buried. Or mangled through committees. Or enacted by people who, in the end, don’t quite get it. Wrestling with realising a vision – and I’m bold enough to say publicly that aspects of SciCast are absolutely about trying to realise a vision – wrestling with that is heart-wrenching, complex, confusing, frustrating…

But also gratifying. And exciting. And intoxicating.

If we get SciCast wrong, or it screws up, or we fail to find proper funding, then hey, that’s OK. I’ll try again. Public service children’s media is too important to leave to someone else.

I tell myself this frequently. But day-to-day… it’s hard.

TED is important because it reminds us that being elitist can be a positive thing. If you dream, it’s good for the soul that things like this exist.

I have to work out how to get to TED. I’ve a sneaky idea or two – watch this space – but in the meantime, there’s BIG, in July. Not the same, and yet strangely… good for the soul.

And the title? More than ten years ago, that was. Blimey.

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