On those coins

The new Sterling coin designs: how much genius is on display there? I can’t begin to say how much I love this throw-out-the-rulebook take on currency tokens.

Three observations:

  1. They’ve set back the cause of entering the European single currency by at least a decade. These things are just too damned pretty to give up.

  2. They’ve given me hope that the 2012 Olympics might be Dashed Good rather than the UK-default A Bit Crap. After all, everyone visiting will be handing around these tokens of British modernity – how could they not be enjoying themselves?

  3. I think this is the official end of Steampunk. At least until some smart artist realises that the coins are to steampunk as The Next Generation was to The Original Series.

2 thoughts on “On those coins”

  1. Every year my mother threatens to buy me* a set of new coins. This year I finally let her.
    *or someone else in the extended family, particularly new babies.

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