Pet blog hates

What’s with ‘Recent posts’ lists giving the titles of the articles that are already on the front page? What’s the point of that? Does anyone ever click those links? Quick, someone install a heat map thingy and find out. But even if they do click, wouldn’t it make more sense for the heading to be ‘Current posts’?

Now, I realise that Movable Type and WordPress’ respective widgets default to being set up like this, but it’s never made any sense to me. This is why I’ve always added offset="10" to the thingy in the sidebar doofah.

Next pet blog hate: bloggers who don’t bother with categories and keywords and tags and so on.



1 thought on “Pet blog hates”

  1. Offsetting by 10 only works if your front page holds ten items. When your page holds fifteen, for example, you need to offset by fifteen *ahem*.

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