At this time of year, a gentleman’s thoughts turn to his portable telephony device. Specifically, his thoughts proceed: “My, I’ve been lugging this brick around for a long time. I wonder when I’m due a new one?” Whereupon he attends to the selection of products available, from which he may choose.

Apparently my N95 has heard. We’ve been broadly reconciled, these last few months; while I still think the user interface is dreadfully (and, at times, hilariously) inconsistent, the GPS navigation system is surprisingly good, the video camera is still as good as they come, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of things like live video streaming, uploads directly to Flickr, and so on.

Trouble is, while I admire the phone’s capabilities, the ruddy thing plain doesn’t work. This week, for example, it’s suddenly decided that rather than taking a minute or two to lock down its position via GPS, it’s going to take more like twelve minutes. And now the antenna has decided – apparently spontaneously – that it doesn’t like working inside a car after all.

On Wednesday, it suddenly forgot all the custom words I’d entered into its dictionary over the last 12 months. Every single one. And it’s refusing to save any new ones I add, too, which makes texting an awful chore.

On the other hand, it’s finally decided that it does like iSync after all, and it cooperates perfectly… which it didn’t even after the last round of software updates.

Personally, I think it’s too clever by half, and it’s decided it’s fed up of listening to me talking so much rubbish, so it’s just quietly mocking me in the only ways it knows how. Hence, my next phone will be a whole lot more dumb.

iPhone, then.

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