Today, I’m mostly…

…wading through business cards gathered from NESTA’s Innovation Edge event yesterday.

…planning other meetings through the week.

…meeting somebody whose job title actually is ‘Information Architect’.

…filing (& bumping) bug reports for the SciCast site.

…hoping to make it to my first Tuttle Club on Friday, partly to find out exactly how frustrating people found the sessions at the aforementioned event yesterday.

…and wondering whether and how to reply to a film-maker who’s aggrieved that we’ve rejected his film on safety grounds. I don’t mind disagreeing with him, but his blogged misrepresentation of my position rankles more than I’d have expected. I should probably let it go.

(Note to self: when MT4.15 appears, update, move to Universal Template Set, and integrate Action Streams. Durr. Oh, and properly fix commenting, though I think the update might mostly sort that.)

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