iPhone app wishlist

An iPhone/iPod touch application I’d really like to have:

Large time display, filling the screen in landscape format, showing time of day in the following format:

[selectable digits]:[hours]:[minutes]:[seconds]:[frames]

Where ‘frames’ counts 25th or 24th of a second (or 29.97th or 30th, for those in weird non-PAL countries. Doubtless Kevin will roll his eyes and explain why it’s really not that simple, etc.

With this, you velcro your iPod to a clapperboard, and you have an el-cheapo timecode slate. Lovely. Should be trivial, right?

2 thoughts on “iPhone app wishlist”

  1. You can make a QT Movie that shows timecode with a timecode track – use this handy Apple Tool QTTimeCode to do so:
    Now, I suspect my former colleagues at Apple may have neglected to port this handy feature to the iPhone, so you’d have to burn it into a rendered movie and play that, at which point you may as well just grab a few hours of burnt-in timecode yourself and encode it to iPhone format (it shoudl compress well).

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