Clearing out some browser tabs:

  • Many moons ago, I did a summer job working in computational chemistry research. Here’s the abstract and catalogue data for the paper that came out of that work. Would have been nice if they’d got my name right. Tsk.

  • This is just lovely. I miss the days when computers booted into command prompts, and within half-a-dozen lines of BASIC you could be drawing dots and lines on the screens. Many happy hours were spent with my Amstrad drawing Sierpinski gaskets, for example.

  • iMovie’08 supports more cameras than I’d expected. Here’s the list.

  • My chum Matt’s new site for his company, Camouflaged Learning, is, like the man himself, hilarious. Sadly, they still don’t offer educational resources for marine cephalopods. For shame!

  • I made these for Flossie the other week. They’re nothing like the ones from my local deli, let alone those we scarfed at ECSITE in Lisbon last year, but they were still quite scrummy.

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a hoot. But if you’ve seen the film, you really should read this abridged version. Viciously brilliant.

  • In a similar vein, I thoroughly enjoyed playing my way through Bioware’s fabulous Mass Effect, and subsequently found this fanfiction skewering priceless. Though if you’ve not played the game, Bioware’s previous work, or watched a raft of mostly British SF over the years, the references might escape you.

  • Speaking of British SF: I finished watching Blake’s 7 last night. Blimey. It’s still astonishingly, dreadfully bad in so many respects, and yet… mighty fine too, in its own way. Bleak.

  • Pretty! Lots of lovely stuff about Kuler, also from Veerle. I never quite understand how the Adobe that came up with Kuler is the same Adobe that came up with the Creative Suite Update Installer Installer Update nightmare.

  • I’m a geek about many things, including aeroplanes. Flossie is also a geek about many things, including barnacles. Happily, there’s little overlap between our geekdoms, and hence little conflict. However, we did idly wonder what might happen if we found the mid-point between our geekeries.
    According to /usr/share/dict/words, the mid-point of ‘aeroplane’ and ‘barnacle’ is ‘aortectasis.’ Handy to know: luckily, neither of us is a medic.

  • RelatedMail – plugin for that shows you messages related to the one you’re reading. I haven’t yet been brave enough to install it, but it looks like it might be dashed useful.

That’s enough for now.

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