Blog rejigging

The irregular reader may have noticed a few changes around here, including but not restricted to a rather extended period over the weekend where everything was broken.


So, I’ve brought my Movable Type install up-to-date, and switched to the Mid-Century template set, which is a dashed sight prettier than the defaults I was using before. There are serifs, and everything.

The sidebar is still acting a bit funky (‘Recent Comments’ should be more like ‘Random Comments,’ but hey, that’s interesting too), and submitting comments is still a little borked (it works, but the system might not give you much confidence in it having done so).

Meanwhile, I’ve moved my funky Action Stream into a separate page, linked from the new bar above. It aggregates what I’ve been doing around the web for the last week.

At some point I’ll try to integrate that stuff into the flow of the main blog. However, the instructions for doing that look a tad painful, and I should combine that with collating actions together so Twitter and Flickr stuff doesn’t spew all over the page. Eu.

That, however, looks far too much like hard work.

Aaaanyway: looks like we’re back. More-or-less.

Hmm. I need to get some green back in, somewhere.

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