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The crazy fruits over at Aquafados have a new application coming out at MacWorld next week, called ‘SnapFlow.’ There’s not much about it on their website as I write (one brief mention in their blog, from September), but their mailing list the other day had this to say:

SnapFlow is a new way to turn your videos into a source of high quality pictures.

Easily extract images from your videos, enhance them using the supplied tools, integrate them on your web site, use them for print or export them in bulk. SnapFlow brings photographic tools inside a digital video processing application.

Snapflow is built around the idea of workflow: if you need to use digital images from your videos, chances are, we have a workflow for you.

Snapflow not only supports the extraction of high quality images, it also lets you create contact sheets, DVD covers, posters, etc…

Ooooh, shiny. I need a new way of extracting clean, deinterlaced stills from DV, and ideally of handling other formats too. I’m still using Evological’s ImageDV, but it’s increasingly clunky and hasn’t been updated in years. In particular, it can’t handle long filenames, which is damned annoying, and it never quite seems to get aspect ratios right.

On the other hand, its deinterlacing is actually quite good, and the whole app can be driven from the keyboard rather well, which makes it very quick to use.

If SnapFlow can replace ImageDV in my workflows, I’ll be leaping at it. All I really need is sane filename support (just add ‘-poster’ to the end of the movie name, that’d be great, thanks!), but (S)FTP support would be good too, or at least integration with Transmit.

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