2 thoughts on “Prescott arrives”

  1. Heyup mate!
    I`m the NUS guy who saved Prescotts skin on the Mauretania
    He was not on his own as the Colin Brown book would seem to indicate
    No martyrdom involved
    There were some 15 other crew members also involved
    What no one else knows is that I enlisted the help of the Longshoremans Union Local a Mr Antonio Anastasio the brother of Alberto Anastasia
    There you go Bruv!
    Hows that for a fillip?
    Frank Rose ex National Union of Seamen.
    Whitehall Street
    South Ferry
    Antonio Anastasio = Tough Tony of Brooklyn

  2. I sailed with cunard 1956/65 and was on the Mauretania twice but cant figure where J.Prescott worked?
    was he a 1st class winger cabin or tourist?
    and what years

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