Three hours in, and we’ve pretty much no idea who’s still alive. Cool. I have two questions:

  1. Does Kim Bauer have the highest bad luck/common sense coefficient of any teenager in the States?
  2. Why is the picture so dreadful over NTL Cable in the UK? I’ll swear I saw the bandwidth increase as the show finished – throughout, I had horrible pixellation artefacts and even a few dropped frames. Ugh! Yes, I have complained.

2 thoughts on “3”

  1. I presume that you are talking about some televisual event/series/serial? Any link you might care to provide to some context? The first thing I did when I read your first sentence was to check BBC Newsonline if some disaster had happened..

  2. I presume that’s Martin again, since pretty much anyone who actually has a TV will know about 24 and Kim Bauer. Except that… if it *is* Martin, he doesn’t have a telly – why does he care? Curious.
    Aaanyway… I’m beginning to wonder about turning off anonymous comments. If only because it’s kinda irritating to have to post here to answer a specific individual query.

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