Boy, am I knackered

Tomorrow, The Big Bang studio starts. And I’m very, very tired. But hey, I’m the producer, and while my job is hardly done, if a large chunk of it isn’t now in place then I’m not exactly making my own life easy.

Today, I’ve signed off on the first eight scripts (only two to go!), written the risk assessment, and done a myriad other bits & bobs. But best of all was writing a blurb for the press officer. This is usually one of those horrid chores, but this year something that sounds like a terrific series tripped merrily off the keys in scant minutes. A good omen indeed.

I have inspired content, excellent presenters, solid researchers, an enthusiastic director, and subtle in-jokes in the scripts. I have a good feeling about this.

Wish us luck.

2 thoughts on “Boy, am I knackered”

  1. Thanks.
    I’m getting right fed up with these anonymous comments, since I don’t know who I’m thanking. Does the system not allow you to specify a name without an email address, or something? Otherwise I’m just going to turn anonymous off.
    Er… grouchiness aside, it’s going rather well, thanks. Two days in and we’ve faked the classic Matrix fight scene using pom-poms, and burned crisps in liquid oxygen. Cool.

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