Today is my birthday. Now, we’re not big on birthdays in family Sanderson, so I was mildly surprised to receive a bright yellow card. ‘We attempted to make a delivery,’ it said, ‘but you weren’t in.’ Well, I was, thank you very much City Link, perhaps you should have knocked? And while you’re at it, the map and directions to your depot are plain wrong.

Anyway, the parcel turned out to contain a bottle of champagne. Damn, huh? Unexpectedly, it’s from the chap who’s broken PowerBook is still in my care – the PowerBook that used to be mine before I returned it for a refund, as those of you who’ve been following the saga will doubtless recall. I take this to mean that the delightful Mr. Sparrow is happily hacking away on a brand new TiBook, so that’s a happy result all round.

But the champagne has, so far as I can tell, absolutely nothing to do with my birthday. It’s just random fizz from a Mac user. Cool.

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