New vibes

On the basis of having grooved along to it on the Secret Agent Channel, I bought some stuff by Tommy Guerrero (see? Net music can work!). Specifically, this mix album and this collection of originated stuff. Guerrero is apparently a pro skateboarder, but rather than the thrashy trashy hype normally associated with the sport, he favours deeply mellow riffs. Think Zero7 more than Slipknot.

The mix album is pleasant enough, but I love ‘A Little Bit of Somethin’.’ It’s an all-too-brief collection of fragments; some tracks are more like extended basslines, others appear to be accompanied by a Bontempi organ circa 1983. But there’s an infectious atmosphere of a bunch of mates coming together to lay down a groove or two, and that’s about it. Deeply cool, without giving a monkey’s. Love it.

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