P800 lust

I saw my first P800 yesterday. It’s a gorgeous piece of kit, but… well… it’s just too big. I suspect it’s only about as big as a combined phone/PDA needs to be to be usable, but even at that size it still compromises its utility as a phone. It’s too big for a pocket, which in my book is a bit crippling.

Shame, really. I was pretty keen for a while there. But I’ll stick with my oh-so-untrendy-but-not-exactly-nickable-either Bluetooth-enabled T39, thanks. And bits of paper, and a Newton when I need it.

Shucks. Will somebody please produce a tablet computer with a screen between five and eight inches diagonal, and batteries that last a day or so? Please? Pretty please? And then, a tiny Bluetooth cellphone with a flip, like the T39, so the keys simply cannot get pressed when it’s shoved in one’s jeans.

Thanks awfully.

2 thoughts on “P800 lust”

  1. Nahh, you wanna Nokia 7650. Got one on trial (video) and very impressed. Not exactly a PDA, and not allowed at work (“It’s a camera, sir, please hand it in…”), but it’s a start ๐Ÿ˜€
    Has bluetooth, infrared, web browser, video player/recorder, little apps, and a porting document viewer thing that works off MS Word.
    Oh, and it’s operating system isn’t MS – HOORAH!

  2. Yeah, but the Nokias don’t handle vCard and vCal stuff quite to spec, and all the oh-so-smooth Mac OS X Bluetooth sync stuff falls over with them. While the P800 is also bust at the moment, we’re assured that this is a bug that will be fixed, rather than a feature of dubious intent.
    My current T39 I have synced with my OS X Address Book, which is bliss. Heck, it’s indirectly synced with my Newton, of all things!

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