Eddie Mair

Quite how Eddie Mair gets away with it, I’ve no idea.

Last night’s PM included a feature on bonds that had been sold, years ago, in the future proceeds of Rod Stewart’s music. At least, I think it was Rod – I can’t find the story anywhere this morning. Anyway, the story was that some analyst had recently down-graded the bonds, on the grounds that music profits were likely to fall with all the online music shenanigans.

PM proceeded to interview the fund manager who had issued the bonds – a lengthy, turgid, and entirely incomprehensible process. Signing off the report, Eddie said:

Remember, PM is not here to give financial advice. Your interest in the programme may go down as well as up.

All this by way of explanation: if, gentle reader, you happen to be the lady in the Vectra alongside me on the Leeds outer ring road yesterday; this is why I suddenly creased up. I really wasn’t laughing at you. Sorry.

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