It’s 2am.

I’m still at my Mac, because it’s backing up. To DVD-R. Now, this is a Good Thing, since it means I won’t have to worry when I’m away, since I’ll have a complete mirror. And I’m a big step nearer having a really sane backup system, which is always a Good Thing (as, curiously, only people who’ve lost vital data through not having backups will tell you).

Unfortunately, my Mac has something like a third of a million files, and it’ll take about seven DVDs and perhaps ten hours to burn them all. And if I go to bed right now, the Mac will bleat for blank disc number three very shortly.

So I’m sitting watching a little counter tick down, waiting for the gaping maw of the drive to open and a dialogue box reading ‘Feed Me’ to appear.

Remind me again why I’m backing up? [sigh]

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