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Yes, there will be some posts about the US here, at some point. I’ve some I wrote along the way that I haven’t got around to transferring yet (while San Francisco is bathed in WiFi, that’s simply an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for Mac developers – My poor little Newton was hopping around tugging at coat-tails whimpering ‘Bandwidth for a poor orphaned platform, guv’nor? Spare a DHCP slot, madam? Alms for a StrongARM?’).

The real delay, however, is that I want to post some of the stills and video I shot along the way – and I’m about to go to Glasgow for the week, sans PowerBook since I haven’t got one that works.

Can you stand the suspense?

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  1. Jonathan,
    Totally just bought a Palm. A cheap one too (Zire, �73.00 from Comet). It replaces my Filofax and does exactly no more than that. Which is fine. Not only that, it cost the SAME as the Filofax and only weight something like point something of a something. By that, I mean it’s light. Like lighter than a Newton.
    Anyhow, what’s up? Back in Glasgow? Still in telly?

  2. Hmm. Yeah. I did wonder about a Palm simply as an address book – but most stuff I really *need* is on my phone, to be honest (iSync & Bluetooth – oh, we love it). And with a webserver and WiFi the Newton is still more flexible than anything else I’m aware of.
    But meanwhile – whu’?! Nigel? Here?
    Oh, bloody hell. I have *readership*. That’s not fair.

  3. I agree that Newton is cool. I read a bit about them over the past day or so. Still on ebay for 200 quid and still with huge capabilities. Someone’s bound to write an OXS sync tool too.
    Two weeks of Palm use and what do I think? Well, remember I went for the ultra cheap B&W Zire with no email, GPRS, digi camera, WiFi or MP3 stuff … but it’s still way better then the Filofax. I have almost all my numbers in now (cannot sync with Lotus Notes in any kind of accurate and cheap way, so they stuff is going in by hand), the memos are nifty and there is FINALLY a way of writing down all your internet passwords in one place and protecting the lot with one password only. Thank God.
    For email, I have a Dell laptop from work and the iMac at home. I just don’t want email that badly to want to receive it on the road when I’m not working. If I’m on a job, I can replicate my Lotus Notes via AT&T at 56kbps on the lappy. It’s only a total arse that gets his email in the middle of a meeting and pisses everyone else off by clicking away on his PDA. I guess the only real advantage would be handling emails in downtime when I’m nowhere near a telecom outlet.
    Which Newton model do you have?

  4. Oh, there’s been a Newton sync tool for OSX for a year or so ( – and remind me to turn on HTML in comments). There are package downloaders too (though I use the in-Newton web package loader and configure my Mac-local Apache to serve Newton packages). Browse or search back through this blog to find whacko things like blogging apps; but let me know if you find anything anywhere that will extract NewtonWorks documents.
    My Newton is a 2100, with an what’s probably an 8Mb card (it hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years), an Ethernet card, and a WiFi card. Pick any two. I also have the keyboard, but it’s a bit too stiff and noisy for my taste. The eMate 300 keyboard was a little gem, but I don’t have one of those, sadly.
    There’s not much I’d want a PDA to do that the Newton can’t, apart from ‘be small and light’ or alternatively ‘have a bigger screen.’ If only the tablet Newtons had gone to manufacturing… [sigh]. As for email – I think you’re right. The big gotcha at the moment is that the only IMAP implementation I’m aware of on handhelds is on PocketPC, and is so new I’m not even sure it’s out yet. Quite what use POP3 mail is on a handheld, I’ve no idea.
    Oh. Apparently Palm OS Mail *does* do IMAP. Really?

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