Brief update

dit dit de dee dit dee de dit de…

Here are the headlines from the last five days of Jonathan’s life:

BONG! Mortgage offer received, paperwork in final throes!

BONG! Amusing Get Shorty-inspired car hire moment, as Fiesta turns into gigantic and hideously ugly people carrier!

BONG! Steve and Amanda finally married. Nation says: about bloody time too!

BONG! Lovely event, by the way; ballroom dancing not quite as rusty as feared; oft-missed friends still officially Top People!

BONG! Old chum Ben seen for first time in five years!

BONG! Decisions made at work, progress believed imminent!

BONG! Drop by Alan & Jules’ place, give them a hug!

BONG! Mija joins deletetheweb community!

And finally… I’ve found a small metallic disc that goes ‘ping!’ and jumps two feet in the air. Which is nice.

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