I am content, for there is fish in my freezer

…or, ‘I’ve been to Asda, and now my store-cupboards are full.’

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Come on now, Mija. There’s a time and a plaice for those sorts of comments, although since you brought it up, I wonder if Martin will be prepared to tackle this thread, or if we’ll need to try harder to hook him.
Perhaps he’s simply decided to mullet over first…

Ok, that’s it, I’ve haddock with you guys. Am I the sole voice of sanity amongst you bottom feeders? Normally, punning is my achilles eel, but I think I’m going to bass on this one. Yep, this time I’m going to march to a different tuna. It’s shrimply beneath me. I will stand out as a ray of hope. Mackerel of that what you will. I could just be yellowtail…

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