Time to configure Netgear DG834G wireless firewalling ADSL router: three minutes. Required information: username and password for Pipex – everything else autodiscovered. Setting changes made: temporarily disabled WiFi.

Time to configure Mac: thirty seconds.

Time to configure WinXP PC: about twenty minutes, struggling to work out what the heck it wanted me to do in the control panel until discovering that yanking the cable out of the network card and shoving it back in again suddenly made the DHCP thingy pick up the information the router was merrily throwing at it. [sigh]

Anyway, happy now. I no longer have to rely on the (noisy, unreliable, badly-firewalled) PC for broadband routing – it’s all going through a nice shiny silver box instead.

Er… categories, Jonathan. Must add categories… then a version of the front page without the ‘geek’ entries…

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