No time this time

Bit of a git, this: some bizarre/wonderful/baffling/amusing/etc things have happened this week, about which I want to blog, but I’m too deeply enmeshed in How2 scrips to do them justice. They’ll have to wait, but meanwhile here’s a bit of a taster:

This week, I’ve been sent pictures of hedges, and a mysterious/anonymous postcard of a camel, attached to which is a newspaper headline about assault with fish. One of the correspondents may be miffed at being out-weirded by the other, though I’m not sure which way round that works.

Today, I built a large lifting gantry with multiple pulley blocks. It nearly worked. Then a chap from Glasgow Science Centre and I fired potatoes into a bucket of flour. This was fun. Yesterday, we were mostly carving ‘amusing’ animals out of hot dogs. My correspondents (see above) have some way to go.

One friend/colleague has been offered a terrific job: I’m delighted for him. However, this drops me in the schtuck for my next job, since the terrific job isn’t the one I’d offered him. Said friend/colleague (henceforth called ‘Gavin,’ for shorthand. And also because that’s his name) is, unfortunately, rather difficult to replace. Imagine my surprise, then, when a chap I very vaguely know of rang me to see if I had any work going: it transpires he’s exactly the person I’m looking for, and this is exactly the job he’s looking for. Bonus.

Digital cameras are not only fun, they’re terrific tools. I should have bought one years ago. I still should.

The gradual manner in which John is revealing his latest endeavour is particularly pleasing: in the morass of information immediacy that is the web, the measured pace is refreshing. I want to see how the story ends, but I want the steady lifting of veils to continue.

Scripts. Tomorrow: rehearsal. Tuesday: Studio.

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