Sparse updates for the next couple of weeks – today I started in studio with How2. An excellent first day, I’m particularly happy with the changes we’ve made to the set. Last year we struck out in a ‘bold new direction’ (sic – self), which turned out more successful, and therefore less risky, than we expected. This year we’ve pushed a little harder in the same direction, and it’s looking marvellous on camera.

I’ll post when I can to How2’s own blog. There may even be pictures, if I’m not too knackered.

Knackered, because I’ve been down with lurgi for the last few days, barely able to speak – either a very bad thing for a producer, or a very good thing, depending on your point of view. I’ve not been as ill, however, as my Dad, who’s in hospital in Leeds with pneumonia. That’s the bad news: the good news is that he’s stable, and starting to respond to the antibiotics. So while he’s extremely uncomfortable, he is getting better. It’s going to be quite a long recovery, though.

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