No, I’m far less worried about internet streaming video than I am by this sort of thing. If Star Wars Galaxies had actually been any good…

Incidentally, two or three years ago I (fairly) seriously suggested making a documentary on the development process of Star Wars Galaxies. Partly because, like everyone else, I guessed it might be when massively-multiplayer gaming ‘crossed over’ from geekdom into the mainstream (it wasn’t, but not by much) – but also because, when something finally does, I think there’s a market for in-game journalism. And being around during the dev process struck me as a likely way of putting oneself in the right place at the right time.

More recently I played Eve:Online for a while. It’s stunning in many ways – not least the banging-head-against-wall feeling of ‘how could they have released it in this state?’ And in the patched evolution of now, of course, the barrier to entry is massively high, and you’d have to play full-time for about a month for it to get fun again. Thanks, but no.

Sometime, somebody’s going to get this stuff right. In Korea, they already did.

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