Parting is such sweet sorrow

At 6pm this evening, I finished clearing my desk at SMG (a process pleasantly slowed by chatting to Club Reps producer Lizzie, with whom I’ve shared an office these last few months. It’s been more than slightly bizarre, since the series we’re making couldn’t be less alike). At 6am tomorrow, I head down to Leeds to start the next gig. Which is exactly what I want to do, and I’m hugely excited about it. No, really I am.*

Meanwhile, Sim’s show Scrapheap Challenge: Scrappy Races finally got underway tonight, replacing the execrable Demolition Day in Channel 4’s schedules. Scrappy Races was a hoot. Perhaps it’s a while since I’ve seen Scrapheap itself, but I enjoyed this spin-off far more than the mother series. This despite basically nothing happening this week, as the teams put together their basic contraptions. Fun show – congrats all round.

  • Had my fingers crossed.

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