Does anyone use those bizarre stickers that come with blank video tapes? Not the spine or top labels, obviously – we all use those, but only about three years after we first record onto the tape, when we fish it out of the box and wonder what the hell we put on it.

No, tapes always seem to come with a range of other labels, most of which would appear, at first glance, to be of extremely limited use. On closer inspection, many appear of no use whatsoever. A TDK tape I stuck in my VCR not a moment ago, for example (second half of Angels in America for the recording of), has a handy little sticker of a chap wearing a suit, and sporting a fine moustache. And another of a woman with a bouffant Farah Fawcett-style hairdo.

I don’t recall ever using such stickers. Nor can I quite work out in what eventuality I might be tempted to. Anybody?

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