Gary Husband – ‘Force Majeure’

‘Does anyone really know what to expect of FuseLeeds04? […] In the midst of the garish and, it must be said, almost incomprehensible brochure…’ (The Guardian)

“In autumn 1998, Gary Husband seemed suddenly to be gripped by a force bent on undermining a successful commercial career as a musician. A busy session player, Husband had also been widely admired for his work at the drums with the rock band Level 42. But he suddenly cancelled gigs, stayed in his flat in a dressing gown for a fortnight…” (gig programme)

“These aren’t so much pieces as… evocations.” (Husband)

“So, the next one is evoking Bacharach?”
“No, that was the last one. This one’s evoking Bjørk.”
“How can you tell?”
“I read the programme. Look, it goes on about dressing gowns rather a lot.”

“When they’re enjoying themselves, do they look more or less intense?”
“I think they start nodding.”

“There are only two berets in the room, and they’re both on stage.”
“Shame. Good pony tails, though. And look – there’s a part-bleached mullet. You don’t see those every day.”

“The dark-haired woman in front of us is my pole-dancing class. She completely blanked me just now.”
“So… the people she’s with tonight don’t know she’s going to the classes?”
“Shall we tell them?”

“Are they applauding the solo, or what might be the beginnings of a melody?”
“Don’t… oh, you’ve jinxed it now!”

“I’m going home to play video games. Are you coming?”
“No, I’m quite enjoying this part, actually.”

11:30pm, Radio 3, Friday. ‘Highlights.’

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