Thursday it was

Oh, that’s fun.

This morning, I took delivery of the aforementioned bonkers German sports car, then like a good boss drove straight back to the office and parked it in a large puddle. No, really, I did. OK, so I did have a quick spin out at lunchtime. And then I joined the gang in the pub this evening via the not-exactly-direct route. But for the whole afternoon I only looked out of the window a few times. Barely at all, in fact.

Then tonight I took a spin up to Ilkley Moor, coming back over the twisty tops past the Cow & Calf rocks.

What a glorious thing. It’s surprisingly comfortable, the gearbox and I are beginning to come to an arrangement, and the noise is superb. The steering is rather too light, but round the twisty bits it’s a hoot… and you can’t sniff at 50mpg cross-country, which is what it reckons its doing.

There are still plenty of buttons with functions that are entirely obscure to me, and I’ve no idea what half the displays mean either. Now I’ve worked out how to turn on the extra speakers, however, the stereo doesn’t sound too shabby – but the soundtrack so far has mostly been glorious turbo twitter, which kicks in no matter what you do with the loud pedal. Tee-hee.

Yes, it’s a hoot. I shall enjoy my evening pootle up to Glasgow tomorrow. With a very wide grin.

Quite how I’m going to get my bike back home, I’ve no idea. I’ve not thought this through at all. Ah, well, never mind. Oh, and as it turns out, my mother does approve. I thought she might – she’s the petrol-head of the family, really.

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