2 thoughts on “Posting Frenzy”

  1. Nice! Did you do the template yourself?????!
    There’s something really cool about how quickly stuff like this can be done these days, just wished into existence, more or less…
    (well, minus all the screwing around with CSS, and the little things which don’t work right ;-))

  2. The CSS is heavily hacked from one of the runners-up in the WordPress stylesheet competition; I heartily recommend CSS Edit if, like me, you can never remember CSS selectors and syntax: http://www.macrabbit.com/cssedit. The hardest part was the ‘recent comments’ thing, since the existing hack basically doesn’t work – see my posts to the user forum for kludges c/o my very rusty PHP skills.
    Yes, there is something very cool about this sort of software. Web publishing still isn’t drop-dead trivial, but that’s mostly a flexibility problem.

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