Spaceward Ho!

The glorious nutters at Scaled Composites are heading into space, June 21st. I’ve written about the project before, mentioning my approval of things like this: if you were going into space, would you be happy traveling in a spaceship that had been tested by strapping bits of it to the front of a pick-up truck, then driving very fast?

Personally, I consider this terrific use of appropriate technology, but there you go. Do check out the other pictures – there are some amazing video stills from high altitude. Like, 150,000 feet high.

As is traditional for risky flight endeavors, I wish the crew good luck, and Godspeed.

1 thought on “Spaceward Ho!”

  1. I have to say it brings tears to the eye to see the Blue Marble image from a non-state-sponsored vehicle… to see that independent people could actually build something which can do that…
    It really gives me hope. For the future, and for the present.

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